Diver Hunting for Lionfish in the Caribbean Attacked by Shark [Video]


After this close encounter with one of the Caribbean’s apex predators, we’re thinking Jason Dimitri had more than just water in his wetsuit. Captured with a GoPro camera, Jason went for a casual dive in the Cayman Islands to kill lionfish when he was attacked by a Caribbean reef shark. He was diving in about 70 feet of water, looking under corals for the invasive lionfish, which he was spearing and placing into a large jug-like container. When peaking under one coral for his next victim, the shark rapidly approached and gave Jason quite the scare. You can almost make out the garbled “Oh, sh*t” that he screamed when he realized the shark was right there on him. The diver managed to get away without actually getting bit, but the shark pursued him all the way to the surface, making aggressive advanced the whole way up.

On his YouTube page, Jason says that he was culling lionfish to protect the reefs, and that the shark was acting on its natural instincts in its natural habitat. Jason even went so far to say that he plans on returning to continue his must appreciated assault on the invasive lionfish.

via Keith Hatch.


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