Huge Fish Tank Ruptures at T-REX Cafe at Downtown Disney [Video]


How would like to be enjoying a nice meal at a popular destination restaurant when one of their attraction aquariums bursts at the seams and floods your dinner plate with hundreds of gallons of saltwater? Well, that is exactly what happened to the folks dining at the T-REX Cafe in Downtown Disney yesterday afternoon. According to Fox 8 WGHP, who has gathered all kinds of social media footage of the tank failing, around 4 p.m. a seam split on the tank and caused it to rapidly dump its contents on anyone sitting nearby. The chaos was described as very loud, as you could imagine, and some folks did get wet, though it’s not clear if it was a minor inconvenient sort of splash or a full out drenching.

Restaurant workers quickly swarmed the scene to enact a little crowd control and save the aquarium’s contents. One eyewitness reports that workers were able to save all of the fish. And it was claimed that the restaurant remained open while crews worked to clean up the disaster.

The T-REX Cafe is owned by Landry’s Restaurants, which is run by CEO Tilman Fertitta. Landry’s Restaurants owns facilities all over, many of which house aquariums. The most famous being the Aquarium Restaurants in Denver, Downtown Houston, and Kemah to name a few.

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