NERAC VIII Conference Happening Later This Month at the Long Island Aquarium



The aquarium conference season is in full swing, and the Long Island Reef Association (LIRA) is gearing up to host their annual North East Reef Aquarium Conference (NERAC) later this month. Featuring an all-star guest speaker lineup that includes Charles Delbeek, Andrew Rhyne, and Julian Sprung, the 8th annual NERAC will take place at Joe Yaiullo’s world famous Long Island Aquarium. Along with tons of frags, a trio of epic presentations, and plenty of behind the scenes touring of the massive reef tank, there will also be an evening dinner get together with open bar.

Each year, the NERAC event plays host to some of the most well-rounded aquarium knowledge that any local club experiences. It’s not enough that the LIRA club is presided over by Joe Yaiullo and Laura Birenbaum, both respected legends in the industry, but they also bring in top notch speakers and other high profile guests that make NERAC arguably one of the most educated events around. Just imagine what a cocktail hour with all that aquarium brainpower would be like, but I digress.

NERAC VIII takes place March 22nd, with prices ranging from $20 to $95 depending on what all you hope to accomplish at the event.


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