Polyp Lab’s System Reef-resh Another Hit? [Video]


Polyp Lab is quite famous for its Reef Roids foods, which is used commonly for all types of filter feeding corals. A new line of special additives was created to help low nutrient systems. System Reef-resh is a solution to excess nutrients in home aquaria. What makes this product different? Well if you don’t mind a large price tag, this is a four part system that requires daily supplementation of amino acids, bacterial carbon and high vitamin enriched foods.┬áRf-Fuel, Rf-Plus, Rf-Acids and Rf-Genesis make up the line that contain plenty to last most aquarists around a year. Will this product be another hit? It’s still early to say because I don’t think its been exposed enough so far. Knowing what Polyp Lab is all about, those who go big on this line will likely find success. Will they come back versus finding cheaper alternatives that will only prolong the issues. We shall see, but in the mean time I encourage you to see if this is something you would consider to control your tanks.


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