Virtually Reality Gaming Opens Up New World for Diving


If you have a passion for the ocean but, for whatever reason, can’t go diving…well, this new virtual reality trend might just be the best way to escape. With the advent of high definition gaming from the likes of the Playstation 4 and Oculus, gamers are starting to see the concept of virtual reality trickle into their homes. While the technology is still fairly expensive for the average consumer and in some cases not quite available to the public, as is the case for the VR headgear for the time being, it is pretty much here and it is providing an entirely new experience.

For us ocean/aquarium loving nerds, the technology means getting to submerge ourselves into the ocean for a quick dive, like what’s seen in the video above, without ever having to leave our living rooms. This is a great way to escape the daily hustle and bustle of working life, or it can just be a way to prepare for the real life diving experience. After all, we spend so much time trying to recreate nature in our homes that it’s virtually mandatory that we at least get some view of these animals in the wild.

While highly detailed ocean life hasn’t ever been part of mainstream gaming, we have seen it make an appearance a few times over the years and perhaps virtual reality hardware will help bring it further into the lime light. Couple that with Google’s attempts to map the ocean with its famous Street View function of its Maps program, and you’ve got the whole ocean at your fingertips.


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