Results or Convenience – Which Matters Most When Feeding?


I would always like to think the aquarium owners are the ideal feeders and give every organism the proper nutrition. Chances are though that you, like everybody else, have forgotten to feed your fish for a few days. We are human and feeding a sun coral multiple times a day is not something every aquarium owner wants to do. It is a hassle for some people to feed there corals once a week!… SO… Well when I discovered I had a dying anemone I knew that I would have to feed it every day. For about a month I followed through with this but then eventually it becomes annoying to go through the process of pulling the food out, preparing it, feeding it, and cleaning up. So I started doing once every other day, and that turned into once every three days.


My point is that I started feeding for the results but over time what mattered to me was the convenience. I discovered this was jut as important to me as the results and when I found Coral Smoothies by AlgaGen I knew I met my long awaited match. You can target feed the corals straight from inserting the bottle into the tank. I recommend you try it and what matters more to you? The results or the process?


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