Robert Wintner and PetCo Joining Forces to Promote a Sustainable Aquarium Hobby


Robert Wintner Petco

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. That old adage is apparently the case for the once fierce anti-aquarium activist, Robert Wintner, who has spent a long time fighting the aquarium industry in Hawaii. In a move that is just absolutely shocking, good old ‘Snorkel Bob’ has decided that the aquarium hobby is just too progressive and forward thinking to resist any longer, citing that efforts made in captive breeding have changed his whole outlook on the industry. To show his newfound support of the hobby, he has teamed with retail giant Petco, who has a tremendously long history of being on the cutting edge of aquarium sustainability, especially given their state of the art facilities and husbandry practices that are extremely responsible and efficient.

Official press releases from Robert, his Snorkel Bob organization, and Sea Shepherd (which he is a board member of) haven’t yet been announced, but are forthcoming and should reveal all of the details centering around this new relationship. We hear that Bob will specifically help steward sustainable yellow tang collection, as well as other Hawaiian endemic species like cleaner wrasse and bandit angelfish.

We fully expect to see all of the Snorkel Bob books alongside the cat, dog, rodent, and fish magazines at the Petco checkouts, and can’t wait to see just how fruitful this combo will be in the long run. And who knows, maybe we’ll see some cross promotional material involving Snorkel Bob and Acrylic Tank Manufacturing…now that would be a match made in heaven.


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