Epic Lego Reef Spied at Interzoo


Tropical Marine Centre Lego Reef Tank

Reef tanks and Legos. It’s an aquarium nerd’s match made in heaven. At this year’s Interzoo, there have been a lot of interesting and amazing reef aquariums, but this one takes the cake for originality. Tropical Marine Centre, like most companies in attendence, have a booth with a reef display. But they didn’t confine their love of reef fish and corals to just a glass box. Instead, they let their creativity take over and assembled an awesome looking Lego reef, copmlete with Lego fish, Lego corals, and Lego live rock. To top if off, they even have a Lego fish assembly area for anyone willing to test their building skills.

Tropical Marine Centre Lego Corals and Fish

As for the Lego reef, it is full of pure awesomeness. The reef scenery has large live rocks, a multitude of corals, and at least seven different species of fish. We noticed three large yellow tangs, a clown triggerfish, a blue hippo tang, an imperator angelfish, a large lionfish, a regal angel, and everyone’s favorite ocellaris clownfish. Filling out the scene are large green, pink and tan plate corals, along with a small red anemone, green candy cane corals, various sponges and sea grasses, and lots of SPS corals. And again, this is all done in Lego. The detail is just stunning. Of course, this being an advertising piece, a large Lego verion of Tropical Marine Centre’s logo greets passersby.

Tropical Marine Centre Reef Tank and Legos

Tropical Marine Centre Lego Reef Fish

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