Tunze Multicontroller Now Sports Bluetooth Connectivity in Latest Model


Tunze Multicontroller 7097

As we mentioned in our earlier post about the new Tunze Nanostream pumps, a brand new Multicontroller is also on the way. Called the Multicontroller 7097, the new pump controller now offers Bluetooth connectivity. In previous generations of the Multicontrollers, users had to connect their computers to the device via USB. While that option is still availble in the new model, it will no longer be the only means of communicating with the device. Now, computers, smartphones, and any other Bluetooth device can connect to the Multicontroller and fine tune pump speeds and wave functions.

In conjuction with compatible Tunze pumps, the Multicontroller 7097 is able to perform all sorts of water moving functions. from wave simulation to high and low tides, oscillating currents, night mode, storm and de-sedimentaion modes, seasonal flow rates, and more. In addition to that, the Tunze LED fixtures can also be connected to the controller to allow for adjustments of color channels, simulate sunrise and sunset, mimic seasonal conditions, and illuminate the aquarium with a moonlight.

Right out the box, the Multicontroller 7097 can up to four items, which could come combination of pumps and LED fixtures. With the use of Tunze Y-adapters, up to eight devices can be controlled.

The price for the new is set at 130 euros, which will probably settle to around $180 for us in the states.


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