Tunze Reveals Two New Nanostream Pump Models with Unique Design


Tunze Turbelle Nanostream

The hype around Interzoo is about to hit its apex, with news coming out from all sorts of manufacturers and vendors, and still plenty more to come. One of the big pre-show announcements comes from Tunze, who are basically giving the aquarium world a full look at all of their new gear that is set to roll out this year. The first product on the Tunze list we’ll get to is the brand new Turbelle Nanostream pumps, which take on quite a different appearance from the current line. Tunze basically turned the pump over on its side and have incorporated a flow deflector onto its outlet. While many hobbyists might scratch their heads wondering why this design, especially since the current Nanostreams are so popular and versatile, it would appear that this new version has one thing in mind…discretion within the aquarium.

These pumps are designed to be hidden behind rock work and not on display like what happens with most pumps these days. They point vertically, shooting water directly at the deflector, which pushes the water in a horizontal direction, more or less. This deflector can be rotated to target flow to specific areas, but we’re thinking this setup will result in something along the lines of a gyre type system.

The new Turbelle Nanostream will be available in two different models. The 6020 is the smallest, and it is a non-controllable pump with a flow rate of 2500l/h (660 USgal./h) at just 4watts of power consumption. The other model in this new offering is the 6040, and besides bringing more flow to the table, this model will be controllable and will have a wider deflector. Dubbed the wide flow model, the 6040 has an adjustable flow rate of 200 to 4500l/h (53 to 1190 USgal./h) while consuming no more than 13watts at full bore. The 6040 will be controllable via the Multicontroller 7095, 7096, and 7097 (new model), as well as the Wavecontroller 7092.

Tunze Turbelle Nanostream Schematic


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