Riptide Gyre Generator Seen in a Reef Tank Setting


The new Riptide Gyre Generator from Maxspect is waking serious waves in the aquarium community. This exciting new product is simple in both function and design, and it looks to seriously change the way we circulate water in our aquariums. Up until now, we’ve had little more than stock photos and limited real world exposure from Interzoo, which had the Riptide in a tank full of ping pong balls, but now we get a chance to see on in action on a fully functional reef aquarium thanks to this latest video from CoralVue.

As expected, the Riptide is again moving some serious water all the while being demoed in a variety if positions, orientations, and speed settings. There’s little else to mention beyond that, as we’ve already discussed how the Riptide creates its wonderfully effective gyres in our initial coverage.

That said, we did find out that the Riptide units have become available for a pre-order of sorts. Although pricing information has yet to be truly revealed, you can sign up on the CoralVue website to be put in a line for the pre-order.


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