Maxspect Jumps Into the Water Pump Market with Interesting New Gyre Generator


Maxspect Riptide Gyre Generator

In a world dominated by propeller based water pumps, Maxspect is doing something really different as they make their debut in the realm of water movement. Known for their array of LED light fixtures, the introduction of Maxspect Riptide Gyre Generator comes as a bit of a surprise, almost as big a surprise as just how different this device will be from everything else. Instead of relying on a focused jet of water eminating from a tiny opening, the Gyre Generator will use almost a paddle-wheel like design, with long fins to move water.

The Gyre Geneator creates a horizontal sheet of water movement that induces verical movent as the water starts to swirl, effectively creating some of the most efficient water movement in the aquarium. The Riptide can be oriented horizontally, creating a vertical gyre, or vertically creating a horizontal gyre. Either way, it’s a ton of water movement that even wave makers can’t compare to. Where the wave makers are great at creating a back and forth pulse, there is actually very little horizontal water movement. For the gyre creating device, a much more massive volume of water is getting constantly moved.

We haven’t been clued in on the water flow rates, how many different models there will be, or pricing, but we do know that it won’t be long before they hit the market. CoralVue says it will be sometime this summer, which could be any time over the next two or three months.

Maxspect Riptide Configuration

Maxspect Riptide Gyre Generator


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