The D-Day Acro from Reef Raft USA is a Real Eye Catcher


Reef Raft USA D-Day Acro

We sure do love our colored sticks, and Reef Raft USA has one that is particularly beautiful. Recently displayed on the Reef2Reef forums, the stunningĀ D-Day Acropora sports an exotic combinationĀ of colors, including a blue base, neon yellow corallites, dark red polyps, and hints of green laced throughout. It’s a beautiful coral to say the least, and although it sports a pretty exotic price tag, it’s a coral that is high up on our list of favorites among the Acroporids.

Reef Raft USA D-Day Acropora

The D-Day Acro sports a striking resemblance to the TCK Pikachu Acro that we shared back in April, though that electrifying Acro was far more monochromatic, consisting of bright yellow tissues with red polyps. It lacked the blue and green that makes the D-Day a standout coral, though we wouldn’t be surprised if they turned out to be the exact same coral that has taken on a slightly different appearance due to lighting or some other external factor.

The price for Reef Raft’s D-Day is set at $400 per 1/2″ – 1″ frag and a total of five will be made available, at least initially.


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