The TCK Pikachu Acro is Electrifyingly Awesome


TCK Pikachu Acro

You may not be a fan of Japanese anime or even remotely understand the reference, but if you’re a reef keeping hobbyist, none of that will matter when you set your eyes on this amazing Acroporid. Named after the popular Pokemon character, Pikachu, this vibrant coral sports a yellow coloration that is unmatched by any other colored stick in the hobby. Throw in its rich red polyps and the slightly neon green tint at some growth tips and corallites, and you’ve got yourself a top shelf piece that is very likely to become a future centerpiece.


The coral comes to us from The Coral Kings, who posted the news of their TCK Pikachu Acro over on Reef2Reef. Only two frags will be released for the time being, with R2R members getting a special price of $200 shipped per frag. After an undisclosed amount of time, the frags will be loaded up to the TCK website for $250 each.


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