The H2Overflow Kit is a Great Way to Make Aquariums “Reef-Ready”



When it comes to reef ready aquariums, hobbyists gernally have two choices. Those are to either accept the typical huge black box style internal overflows that dominates the pre-made reef ready aquariums, or to add one of a number of different custom overflows to an existing tank that wasn’t previously reef ready. For the latter option, aquarium keepers have been limited only by their imagination, but there are few pre-fabbed choices on the market short of those unreliable HOB overflows that we all know and hate. Thankfully, the crew at Custom Aquariums has a different take on the retrofit overflow design with their including this H2Overflow.

H2Overflow Detail

This take on the overflow box uses a small surface skimming intake attached directly to PVC plumbing that runs out the back of the aquarium. The surface skimmer sits high enough in the water that it is hidden from sight by the trim of the aquarium (assuming your tank isn’t rimless), which also helps hide the water line. The H2Overflow can handle up to 1200 gallons per hour and it measures 7.25 inches long by a mere 1.75 inches wide. And to add to the versatility, the overflow can be positioned in numerous different ways, as it can rotate a full 180 degrees.

H2Overflow Teeth

To keep the trash out of your sump, and potentially out of the intake of your protein skimmer or return pump, a removable lid sits atop the H2Overflow. To prevent clogging, the teeth of the overflow are tapered so that as water levels and/ or flow rates increase, the overflow can handle more flow.

H2Overflow Configurations

The H2Overflow seems to still be in the design phase, as evidence by these digital renderings and not actual product images, but we will update pricing and availability as it becomes better known.

For non-reef ready aquaria and tanks needing more overflow powder, a hole drilling template kit is available and more than one H2Overflow can always be installed.


H2Overflow Top Screen


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