Mat Roy Says Goodbye to Living Color Aquariums


Fish Tank Kings Tanked

First it was Francis the Fish Geek, now it’s Mat. After 20 years of service with Living Color Aquariums, president Mat Roy is moving on to bigger and better things. Announced recently on the Living Color Aquariums website, Mat will be joining up with Marine Conservation Partners to build a public aquarium in Florida’s oldest city, St. Augustine.

What’s next for me? I am going to historic St. Augustine, Florida, to work with Marine Conservation Partners. Among other things, we will build the first public aquarium in the oldest city in the United States. This is a great honor and an exciting prospect for my family, as well.

Mat goes on to hint that Living Color Aquariums might have some joint ventures with the St. Augustine Aquarium at some point in future, especially since they share so much in common. There is no doubt though that Mat’s expert knowledge gained from running Living Color will serve him well as he helps build a public exhibit.

As for Fish Tank Kings, the Nat Geo Wild television show that followed Living Color and their various builds, we honestly don’t see a season four in their future, but who knows what lies ahead.


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