Good Morning Mile High MACNA (Day 2 Preview)


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Day one of MACNA 2014 is already a thing of the past and we greet the second of the three day long event with the full vigor that we had from the minute the conference doors opened. While most of the attendees might be a little tired from a busy first day,¬†followed of course by a long night of aquarium nerd partying, Saturday will by far be the busiest day of the conference and we’ve still got lots to talk about. We shared lots of images and sneak peaks at some of the show on our Facebook page yesterday, and while we’ll continue our assault on social media again today, we’ve also got a nice batch of new products to talk about today.

Here is a hint of what’s to come later today:

  • AquaIllumination Prime LED
  • New Maxspect Celestial Models
  • Reagent-free handheld digital testers
  • New lights from Innovative Marine
  • A new inline filter from BlueLife USA
  • Controllable Panta Rhei pumps
  • And so much more…

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