The MACNA 2015 Rumor Mill Starting to Heat Up


With MACNA 2014 merely days away, it should come as no surprise that the location for next year’s show is already receiving heavy speculation. While we won’t know the location for MACNA 2015 until the start of the Mile High MACNA, we’ve heard several rumors that Washington, D.C. will host the next big event. This rumor is substantiated only by internet gossip, so take it with a grain of salt.

Even though we believe DC is the next host city, we were thrown off a bit last year with a whole slew of rumors, some being very believable, so we could be getting duped on this one as well. Last year, Las Vegas was rumored for MACNA 2014, and given the fact that most of the recent conferences have been heavily located on the East coast and that Vegas is such a happening spot, we thought it was one of the most believable rumors. A few other places were mentioned, perhaps a ploy by MASNA members (the organization that basically runs MACNA) to keep the event shrouded in as much mystery as possible.

Regardless, the rumors are in full swing and we’d love a Congrsssional MACNA for 2015. Perhaps the government officials will let us turn the Washington Monument’s reflection pool into a giant reef pond.


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