Why Discovery Channel and Their Shark Week Both Suck


Shark Week

Shark Week is the annual event we used to get excited about. As children, the majestic beasts inspired awe in our little hearts and minds, but as we grew up we noticed all of the imperfections in the program schedule that we’ve come to find cringeworthy. In recent years, television has been seriously dumbed down while at the same time seeing a dramatic increase in dramatization.

The dumb drama trend has been no different for the Discovery Channel, as they’ve tried to find news ways to capture the attention of their audience. This has resulted in “mockumentaries” about mermaids and other sea creatures of legend, and Shark Week has also bought into this model. Over the past couple of years, they’ve shifted away from demonizing great white sharks (slightly) to include mockumentaries about the possible existence of the long extinct Megalodon shark, a prehistoric apex predator that is said to have dwarfed its modern day counterparts.

These shows are presented as fact, complete with actors pretending to be scientists. There is a teeny tiny disclaimer (occasionally) that says the show isn’t meant to be real, but how often do people really sit through opening and closing credits? Regardless, the show is being ores eyes as real and it is doing all sorts of untold harm to those cure onus little minds that live sharks.

It’s bad enough that the Discovery Channel spent so many years casting a hulking negative shadow over sharks, specifically the great whites, and now they’re flat out lying about an extinct predator? That is why you suck, Discovery Channel. And that is why I refuse to watch your garbage, as do anyone entrenched in the scientific community. Take your junk tv elsewhere.


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