Sustainable Aquatics Longfin Clownfish Available to the Masses


Sustainable Aquatics Longfin Clownfish

A little more than a year ago, Sustainable Aquatics showed off one of the most unusual wild-caught clownfish the world had ever seen, the Longfin clownfish. For the most part, the fish looked like your every day, run of the mill Amphiprion percula. The stripes were unbroken, there were no random dots or color morphs, but there was one huge, glaring feature that made the fish so unique…it’s fins. The longfin clown had elaborate and elongated dorsal, anal, pelvic and caudal fins. The clownfish looked like it was bred with a freshwater beta. It was truly unbelievable.

Less than six months after the initial reveal of the longfin clown, Sustainable Aquatics revealed that the odd looking fish was already whipping out some odd looking offspring. Fast forward another half year and those babies are all grown up and ready to matriculate through the hobby.

Longfin Clownfish from Sustainable Aquatics

Announced at MACNA and spreading like wildfire across the social networks, the Sunstainable Aquatics’ Longfin Clownfish is officially here. No longer is it a pipedream for those seeking random designer clownfish. Now, let’s see how long it takes before this longfin trait starts showing up with elaborate color morphs. Platinum Picasso Longfin clownfish…sounds like it could be a winner, right?

Sustainable Aquatics Longfin Clowns


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