These Nudibranch Magnets from Marine Magnets Are So Cute and Surprisingly Realistic


Marine Magnets CollectionYou might not believe me when I tell you this, but these are all magnets. As real as they look, especially in the high definition close-ups, they are not actually living animals. Instead, they are some of the coolest things you can tack onto your refrigerator. Made from food grade clay, these Marine Magnets are such wonderful little accessories for the aquarium keeper or marine life nerd in your life. The lineup consists mostly of nudibranchs, but also includes cowfish and some really nifty garden eels that stick up out of a cup of sand.

Each magnet is relatively small, probably coming in around the same size as their natural counterparts (at least for the nudibranchs), and they are so full of color. But they’re not just hand painted magnets that look like a five year old did. Instead, these mimic the natural color patterns and even the fleshy appendages of real life sea slugs, so you know a lot of time and effort went into their design.

The magnets are made by the company Marine Magnets, who appear to only operate on Facebook.

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