Pacific Island Aquatics is Shutting Down


Pacific Island Aquatics Logo

It is with a very sad and heavy heart that we announced that our friends at Pacific Island Aquatics are officially closing their doors. After serving the aquarium hobby for several years, and being a virtual staple here on the AquaNerd Blog, PIA is winding down their operations as its owner moves on to a venture that is more beneficial to his family. With that perspective, it is a move that we can fully understand, as the family always comes first, even over fish and corals.

This move was originally announced on Reef2Reef, with some additional news that the owner hopes to set up a new livestock company once he finalizes his transition from Hawaii to the East Coast. As stated in the announcement, the move will also reduce the amount of import restrictions placed on the company while it was located in its island paradise. This could very well open the doors back up for PIA, although perhaps under a new name.

As the store winds down, some of its policies will change. Again, an understandable notion given the fact that it will be operating at a limited capacity. Thankfully, there are still plenty of awesome fish left on the site, including some amazing wrasses and butterflyfish.

Aloha, Kevin, and mahalo for all of the amazing fish you’ve introduced into the hobby via Pacific Island Aquatics. We wish you the best on your new venture and hope your absence is short-lived.


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