The AquaNerd Weekly Recap


AquaNerd Weekly Recap

We had a bit of a slow week last week, which was mostly due to fatigue induced by a very pregnant wife (we are having twins…yikes!) but we won’t let that stop us from getting out aquarium nerd on comepletely. As we press on, we will share last week’s top articles and then dive into our normal offering. For the recap, we are focusing on September 21st through the 27th. The most popular articles include an awesome rainbow plate coral, a rare fish retailer shutting its doors, captive bred lightning maroon clowns hitting the retail level, a new coral research facility opening up in Australia, and SoCal’s largest aquarium event coming right around the corner. We hope you enjoyed the articles, and as always, we’ll have another week full of aquarium hobby coverage ahead of us, so stay tuned.


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