TouchFish is a New Interactive Game for Aquarium Nerds


Here’s a new game from some of the former developers of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. It’s called TouchFish, and it is a mobile-friendly game that lets users build interactive underwater worlds. The game may be a little cheesy and it’s obviously not one of those games that will enthrall the hardcore gamer crowd, but for those wanting mobile pets to play with, it will definitely be fun. The game is available for iOS devices, and it’s totally free, which is always good.

The game features loads of marine environments and there seems to be several mini-games to keep you entertained. As far as realism goes, the graphics are nice but we’re not thrilled about the fact that the game puts goldfish in with blue tangs and other marine fish. I guess you could always imagine that it’s a lyretail anthias or something along those lines, but that would be quite a stretch.

To download the game or just read more about it, be sure to visit the Apple App Store.


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