Jumbo Squid Attack Greenpeace Submarine


Here’s something a bit ironic, and comical I suppose. A pair of Greenpeace workers were diving in the Bering Sea in a dual person submarine when they were attacked by a pair of Humbolt squid. While the attack was really nothing more than aggressive curiosity on behalf of the squid (or on behalf of Greenpeace depending on your perspective), it highlights just how aggressive these cephalopods can be. We’ve all seen the Discover Channel/Animal Planet shows on voracious killer squid, and this video only reinforces that.

These squid are particularly dangerous because not only are they aggressive, but they can also get quite large (as in greater than 6 feet long) and feature lines of sharp hooks in their suckers. And let’s not forget the sharp beak that chomps through all sorts of hard tissue, like shells and bones..

Touching back on that “ironic” term we through out there at the beginning…it is only ironic because Greenpeace is thought to be a conservation based organization, which all wildlife should appreciate. So, it’s funny that they’re being “attacked” (more like pestered) by a couple of angry squid. It also raises the question, why does Greenpeace have submarines? Are they going all Nemo on the whaling industry (please note the reference to Nemo does not refer to the adorable fish, but to the pirate from the popular book).

Story via CNET


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