Awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Aquarium Nerds


Black Friday

What better way is there to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday than to trample four small children, shove a few little old ladies, and knock over a guy with a cane just to you get that no-name tablet at a steep discount? If you can tell from my inflection, yes, it is the shopping season and Black Friday is peaking its ugly head around the corner. Fortunately, these sorts of shenanigans don’t happen at aquarium stores, especially since many of them are all online anyways. And in lieu of that fact, we’ve compiled a beefy list of Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials that are occurring right now at your favorite online aquarium retailer. While it will be full of the usual discounts on random items, this year also marks the first time products from EcoTech Marine, AquaIllumination, Neptune Systems, and a few others will have advertised discounts (not in the form of online rebates). So, we’re excited and you should be too.

Below is our list of retailers and each of their deals spelled out in the best way we could. We tried to cover a wide array of retailers, but unfortunately there are just too many to list.

List of retailer specials, in alphabetical order.


  • Save 16% on your entire order and special pricing on select products
    • 10% off Neptune Systems
    • 15% off AquaIllumination Hydra TwentySix and FiftyTwo, 10% off AI Controller, Director, and Classic Mounts
    • 15% EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10 and MP10w, 15% off all Radion Models
    • 15% off Kessil fixtures and 10% off selected accessories
    • 10% off Reef Octopus, CoralVue, and AutoAqua
  • Free shipping on orders over $99
  • In addition to the sitewide discounts, AquaCave also has over 70 deeply discounted doorbusters
  • Sale ends December 1, 2014
  • No other restrictions were stated

Aquarium Specialty

  • 16% off site-wide with coupon code THANKS
  • Special pricing on the following:
    • Royal Exclusiv – 20% Off Select Bubble King Double Cone, Supermarin and Deluxe Protein Skimmer, Red Dragon Speedy 50w and 80w pumps and Space Saver Media Filters
    • CoralVue/Reef Octopus – 10% Off the CoralVue line of products – CoralVue/Reef Octopus, Maxspect, Flipper Mags, Giesemann Lamps and Elos Test Kits (Sale excludes CoralVue/Reef Octopus/Elos Aquarium Systems, Sumps and Maxspect Gyres)
    • Ecotech Marine – 15% Off MP10ES, MP10WES, Radion XR15wPro and XR15 Freshwater
    • Aqua Illumination – 15% Off Hydra TwentySix & FiftyTwo LED Modules, 10% Off Directors, Controllers and Classic (SOL) Rail Kits
  • Sale Ends 12/1/14
  • No other restrictions were stated

AVAST Marine Works

  • 20% site-wide discount with coupon code “THANKS2014
  • Biopellets are 50% off with coupon code “SITEBUSTER-BIOPELLETS”
  • Sale runs from 12:00am Black Friday to the end of Cyber Monday at 11:59pm. If any product becomes sold out during this time, AVAST Marine Works will be unable to honor this sale pricing in the future when it is restocked (e.g. no rainchecks)

Aqua SD

  • Instead of putting a blanket discount on products, Aqua SD is hosting a live sale of sorts over on their Reef2Reef forum.
  • They listed over 500 corals in their sale thread, and to purchase, all you have to do is copy and paste the Item Number, Description and Price, and email it to:
  • Shipping is flat rate $40 via UPS Priority. Shipping will occur Tues 11/25/14 for Weds 11/26/14 arrival. If this ship out date does not work, they will ship the following week (12/2, 12/3, 12/4).

Bulk Reef Supply

  • 15% off site-wide (with exclusions)
  • 30% or more off daily doorbusters
  • 15% off Vertex Aquaristik, 10% off Reef Octopus, 10% off Maxspect
  • Discounts exclude vendors with minimum advertised pricing (MAP), no rainchecks

Cherry Corals

  • 20% off all corals on the website, along with special updates Friday evening at 10pm and on Cyber Monday at 10am EST
  • Sale starts on Thanksgiving Day at 8am EST! Runs until midnight on Cyber Monday!

  • 35% off site-wide with the coupon code “THANKS14”
  • Sale excludes glue products and frag packs
  • Free shipping on orders over $139.99
  • Sale ends 11/30/2014

Marine Depot

  • 15% discount site-wide with coupon “BLACKFRIDAY2014” (exclusions apply)
  • Brand/Item specific discounts:
    • 15% off AquaIllumination Hydra TwentySix and FiftyTwo, 10% off AI Controller, Director, and Classic Mounts
    • 15% EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10 and MP10w, 15% off all Radion XR15 Models
    • 15% off Kessil fixtures and 10% off selected accessories
    • 10% off Neptune Systems products
    • 10% off Reef Octopus, Maxspect, CoralVue, and AutoAqua
    • 15% off select Tunze Turbelle and NanoStream pumps
  • Free shipping on orders over $175
  • Free bag of aquarium goodies on orders over $200
  • Free t-shirt of your choice on orders over $250

Premium Aquatics

  • Site-wide discount of 16% (excludes MAP items, which have their own discount)
  • Sale ends midnight, December 1st, 2014 (EST)
  • The following brands are excluded from the site-wide discount, but have their own special pricing (which likely follows those listed above):
    • Aqua Illumination
    • Bubble King/Red Dragon/Royal Exclusiv
    • CoralVue/Reef Octopus/Elos/Giesemann/Maxspect
    • Ecotech Marine
    • Kessil
    • Neptune Systems
    • NP
    • RLSS

  • No discounts listed, but they are giving away free frags with purchases of specific amounts:
    • Orders $1 – 150+ receive ONE free coral
    • Orders $250+ receive TWO free corals
    • Orders $300+ receive FOUR free corals
    • Orders $400+ receive SIX free corals
    • Orders $500+ receive EIGHT free corals
    • Orders $600+ receive TWELVE free corals

Reef LED Lights

  • 15% off Phoenix DIY Kits Promo Code: Phoenix15
  • 10% off Everything else Promo Code: Holiday10
  • No other information stated

Reef Lounge USA

  • In store discounts include:
    • Up to 75% off tropical fish (Includes designer fish and selected species)
    • Coral frags and colonies up to 60% off (On selected non special items)
    • Clean up crew packages starting at $30 (Contains at least 25 inverts per package)
    • Dry goods up to 20% off
    • All EcoTech products 15% off
  • Online four day sale for Cyber Monday

Reef Specialty

  • Earn 10 percent off for Black Friday sale on all products from Reef Octopus, Maxpsect, Bubble Magus and more
  • Neptune system products will go on sale 28th-30th

Salty Supply

  • Various discounts ranging from 30% to 60% on more than 1200 items
  • Free shipping is included with no minimum purchase size

Unique Corals

  • 20% off your entire order with coupon code “UCTG20”
  • New inventory is added daily
  • Sale ends November 30th

World Wide Corals

  • Cyber Monday sale with over 400 corals discounted by various amounts
  • Free prizes that include:
    • 2 Tickets to ReefAPalooza Orlando
    • 1 $300 WWC Coral Gift Card
    • 1 Frag of Strawberry Stratosphere
    • 1 Pair of Sustainable Aquatics Extreme Picasso Clownfish
    • 1 $100 WWC Coral Gift Card
  • WWC will post corals priced at $5 each throughout the sale. You can buy a maximum of 2, and you must buy at least 1 regular item for each $5 coral.
  • WWC will also be giving out $100 gift cards to post number 1000, 2000, 3000, etc
  • Everyone who makes a purchase during the sale will qualify for the raffles and gift cards! You can only win once.
  • Sale takes place Monday, December 1st at 2 PM EST and lasts 12 hours

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