Feds Charge Two Men for Illegally Collecting Marine Life in Florida Sanctuary

Fish Heads Real Reef Live Rock

Stock image of a live rock substitute

Here’s a story that is sure to cast some negative light on the aquarium hobby. According to the Miami Herald, two men are being charged for illegally collecting and selling (also illegal) wildlife that was taken from a marine sanctuary in South Florida.

The men, Robert V. Kelton and Bruce Brande, president and general manager of D.R. Imports Inc. respectively, are accused of conspiring to collect and sell live rock, which as we all know is teeming with all sorts of marine critters. In addition to the conspiracy to collect charge, the two men are also being hit with a charge for filling out paperwork fraudulently. For their crimes, Kelton and Brande could face up to five years in prison on each of the charges.


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