Reef Threads Podcast Introduces New Monthly Series


Reef Threads Plus

Our favorite aquarium related podcast, Reef Threads, is introducing a great new series that will focus on a single, important topic to the hobby each month. As more and more things threaten our industry and the expansive hobby that supports it, it is crucial to inform the masses of what goes on around them. While Gary and Christine have already brought up important and controversial topics up in their weekly discussions, they have typically followed a show format that carved out time for other, less important though more entertaining topics to reach that broader audience.

This new series, called Reef Threads Plus, will choose that one ultra important topic and the podcasting duo will discuss it in depth with experts from the aquarium industry. For the first round, Reef Threads has pulled in Ben Johnson, Ret Talbot, and Jim Walters to discuss the possiblity of the¬†hobby not being able to collect or import reef animals…something that is currently a major issue for the hobby as more and more folks abroad try to legislate it out of existence. There is some great, hard hitting information here and there is currently not a better topic out there or on our minds. So, scoot on over to the Reef Threads latest adventure and give it a listen.

Reef Threads Plus podcast on aquarium collecting.


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