Vandals Deal Thousands of Dollars Worth of Damage to Mr. Aquarium Fish Store

Mr. Aquarium Vandals

Photo Credit: KCBD

Here’s a story that is guaranteed to get you all sorts of ticked off. Apparently during an attempted robbery of the Mr. Aquarium fish store in Lubbock, Texas, the perpetrator(s) decided that the cash in the register wasn’t enough. Instead, they decided to wreck shop on a bunch of the aquariums. According to the news story posted on KCBD 11 News, the vandals broke into the store through a sheetrock wall, trashed the register, and shot through ten of the aquariums.

The store’s alarm went off at some point, but due to a string of false alarms and the fact that Mr. Aquarium’s president was out of town, the response was relaxed. The store manager did respond to the alarm, alongside law enforcement officials, with the destruction obviously being discovered upon their arrival. When the manager arrived, she first noticed the “discombobulated” cash register, but quickly took notice of the thousand or so gallons of water rushing out of the broken aquariums. A second store manager was called, and the two of them were able to save all of the livestock.

The bullet holes were patched, new aquariums were plumbed into place, the store was eventually able to open up to the public as usual.

Mr. Aquarium Vandals

Photo Credit: KCBD

Mr. Aquarium Vandals

Photo Credit: KCBD


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  • Greg

    What an awful story! So sorry this happened to you! Hope they catch these animals

  • that_Reef_Guy

    I hate people.

    You got what you wanted (Money).

    Why on earth would you do damage for no reason at all.

    Complete Savages.

    I would put them in front of a Firing Squad!

    • Gotfrogs

      I agree!

  • guest

    because rational reasoning mature people who hate damage believe in firing squads! let’s kill robbers and anyone else who offends our sensibilities! do you assholes ever listen to yourselves?

    • that_Reef_Guy

      I didn’t say Kill them because they are Robbers.

      I said Kill them because they Killed Innocent Animals.

      What is the Point of that.

      Being Robbed is bad enough but only the Sickest of Human Waste Kill Innocent Animals like that.

      Not to mention all the extra work the store had to go through to fix things.

      What good did that do for the Robbers?

      You got what you wanted.

      Leave and be done with it.

      Don’t cause excess harm.

      People really get off on making others suffer?

      That is Sick.

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