The Rumors are True, MACNA 2016 is in San Diego, CA



MACNA 2016 will take place in San Diego California, hosted by the San Diego Marine Aquarium Foundation (SDMAF). This will be the 28th annual Marine Aquarium Conference of North America and it’s been a very long time since MACNA was held on the West Coast, 18 years to be exact.

On a side note, the 1st MACNA conference I attended was way back in 1995 when The Reef Aquarium, Volume One was still very new and the “Godfather of Reefing”, Julian Sprung was signing books like a rock star.  Fragging corals was so new back then that very few hobbyists even understood how easy it was to do or that it was even possible.  We’ve all come a long way since the Jaubert Method.

Listed below are the dates and locations of the previous MACNA conferences:

I Marine Aquarium Society of Toronto April 22-23, 1989
II Cleveland Saltwater Enthusiasts Association April 21-22, 1990
III Windows to the Sea Marine Aquarium Society (New Jersey) April 20-21, 1991
IV Florida Marine Aquarium Society September 20-21, 1992
V Marine Aquarium Society of Toronto September 12-13, 1993
VI Cleveland Saltwater Enthusiasts Association October 14-16, 1994
VII Louisville Marine Aquarium Society September 14-16, 1995
VIII Kansas City Metro Aquatics Council October 11-13, 1996
IX Chicago Marine Aquarium Society September 12-14, 1997
X Marine Aquarium Society of Los Angeles September 25-27, 1998
XI Louisville Marine Aquarium Society September 10-12, 1999
XII Florida Marine Aquarium Society (Fort Lauderdale) September 29 – October 1, 2000
XIII Chesapeake Marine Aquarium Society (Baltimore) August 17-19, 2001
XIV Dallas-Fort Worth Marine Aquarium Society September 27-29, 2002
XV Louisville Marine Aquarium Society September 5-7, 2003
XVI Boston Reefers Society October 14-16, 2004
XVII Washington D.C. Area Marine Aquarium Society September 16-18, 2005
XVIII Marine Aquarium and Reef Society of Houston September 22-24, 2006
XIX Pittsburgh Marine Aquarium Society September 14-16, 2007
XX Atlanta Reef Club September 5-7, 2008
XXI New Jersey Reefers Club (Atlantic City) September 25-27, 2009
XXII Orlando Reef Caretakers Association September 3-5, 2010
XXIII Greater Iowa Reef Society (Des Moines) September 9-11, 2011
XXIV Dallas Ft Worth Aquarium Society September 28-30, 2012
XXV Florida Marine Aquarium Society (Hollywood) August 30 – September 1, 2013
XXVI Colorado Organization for Reef and Aquatic Life (Denver) August 29-31, 2014
XXVII Washington D.C. Area Marine Aquarist Society September 4-6, 2015


San Diego, CA – August 25, 2015 – The San Diego Marine Aquarium Foundation (SDMAF) is excited and proud to announce that MACNA 2016 will be held in San Diego, California September 9th-11th, 2016.

MACNA is proudly sponsored by: Triton GmbH, Instant Ocean, CoralVue, Neptune Systems, Two Little Fishies, Reef Nutrition, Rod’s Food, JBJ, eShopps, and San Francisco Bay Brand.

MACNA is widely considered to be the top conference and trade show in the marine aquarium industry. MACNA attracts attendees from all over the world that come to see the industry’s newest product offerings from the top manufacturers in the industry and interact with some of the brightest minds in the marine aquarium hobby.

MACNA is currently in its 27th year and 2016 will mark its first return to southern California since 1998. For more information about MACNA 2016, please visit

SDMAF is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization dedicated to supporting the local aquarium hobby through educational outreach, fostering new hobbyists, and furthering the advancement of captive bred marine ornamentals.

MACNA is a registered trademark of the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America (MASNA). For more details about MASNA and its member clubs, please visit


Jeff Saurwein – MACNA Co-Chair

Dave Morris – MACNA Co-Chair

PO Box 600104
San Diego, CA 92160



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