Please Welcome Nualgi to the AquaNerd Community



Please join us in welcoming our newest Sponsor, Nualgi, to the AquaNerd family.

Company Bio:

Nualgi was developed in India as a water management micro-nutrient to clear nuisance bacteria and improve water quality in ponds, lakes, and larger bodies of water. The solution is the result of over 15 years of research and is constantly being evaluated while in use to respond to any newly acquired field data. Nualgi is enjoying rapid growth having only started sales of their product in the past two years. Nualgi is diversifying its product offerings to include the artificial pond and aquarium industry.


Nualgi Aquarium – 500ml

Product Info:

Nualgi is a patented nano-silica based micro-nutrient that promotes controlled growth over diatoms in the aquarium. These diatoms consume nutrients from leftover fish food and fish waste to starve algae rather than directly attacking it with harsh chemicals. The formula uses naturally-occurring minerals and nutrients to remove nuisance algae while promoting a clear tank.  

Nualgi is available in 30ml, 100ml and 500ml bottles and it can be used in freshwater, fish only marine aquariums and reef aquariums. 


  • freshwater: 1.25ml per 30 gallons of aquarium water every 4 days.  
  • Marine: 0.5ml per 30 gallons of aquarium water per week – gradually increase dosage from 0.5ml to 1.0ml/30gal./week over 6 weeks.  Do not overdose.  Adding extra will actually reduce the effectiveness.

Testimonials: (You can find more in-depth testimonials in their website under the “See Results” tab.

  • “The water was so clear it was like looking at a high definition picture. The plants colored up greatly. It’s just too good to go without.” – Brad J.
  • “This product really works and it does it pretty fast. My saltwater tank had gotten out of control with the mossy algae taking over the live rock reef. After using the Nualgi as directed, I had a really nice clean looking tank again in a couple of weeks and it didn’t affect any of my corals or fish!” – Phillip P.

AquaNerd will be giving Nualgi a trial run will share the results with you in the coming months.


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