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We had the pleasure of meeting the Quantum USA rep. Will Harris, this past Saturday and we wanted to share a little bit about this line of aquarium products. Recently introduced in the United States, Quantum has been manufacturing and distributing its products in Australia since 2009. Keep reading to learn more about Quantum and some of the products that are now available in the US.

Quantum Aquarium Products, originally Ultimate Aquacare began in 2009. It is a family owned company, based in Australia. As Ultimate Aquacare, they were able to perform all of the necessary testing and experiments to perfect their products; once the initial research and testing phases were complete and the products were ready to market, Ultimate Aquacare rebranded themselves into Quantum Aquarium Products.

Owner, Developer and BioChemist, Dimitriois, has worked diligently to make his passion more than a hobby while designing a product line with the customers in mind and until recently, the Quantum line has not been available outside of Australia.

Quantum offers a complete range of salt and fresh water aquarium products designed with the customer in mind. The freshwater line is not available in the US yet but Will Harris tells us they plan to bring it to the US soon.

Mr. Harris states that, “Our lines are simple yet produce outstanding sustainable results with minimal maintenance compared to many readily available commercial lines. We are priced comparable to all other brands and provide a scientifically proven chemical that has years of trials behind it yielding the best and most user friendly aquarium chemicals on the market to date.”

Quantum has a 4 Step system, designed with the aquarist in mind; to make reef keeping as simple as possible.


Step 1 Environmental Salts. These are macro Probiotic salts developed to maintain 4 different types of aquariums; LPS, SPS, Mixed of corals, or a FOWLR tank. All of the salts have different parameter levels based on scientific research of areas on the reefs as well as in aquariums of what these tank types need. Parameters remain much more stable according to Quantum. The largest benefit of the Macro probiotic salt is your actually getting true trace elements out of the salt flats instead of chemically developed elements.


Step 2 Algae Control & Nutrient Removal. Quantum offers 4 different products in this group. High Range nitrate reducer will lower your nitrates down to 15ppm. Low range Nitrate reducer will bring your tank down to the ideal maintenance levels. Both nitrate reducers do this without creating that nasty white slim noticed by other brands. Next is their phosphate remover which is lanthanum based, the reason for this is they are a firm believer in removing all of the phosphate out of your water column as well as the bound phosphate in your rock. Last but not least is their human grade macro/micro pore carbon. This carbon will remove all organic waste as well as impurities out of your tank.


Step 3 Aragonite Enhances. The building block for all corals structures. Aragonite A is your calcium. Quantum also include all macro trace elements needed to bind with calcium i.e. Strontium and barium. Aragonite B is your alkalinity with a mix of bicarb and carbonate solution to maintain your PH and alkalinity at stable values without one or other swinging when initially dosing. Aragonite C is your magnesium.


Step 4 Bioactive Color Enhancers. These are all of the trace elements needed to maintain a beautiful coral. This is the first product introduced by Quantum tells us it is by far their most popular worldwide and it is called Bio-Enhance (We just started using it 4 days ago). Bio-Enhance is a mix of amino and fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and other nutrients. “There is nothing on the market exactly like it and Will tells us his zoanthid and paly growth is extraordinary with this product but it also knocks it out of the park with LPS and SPS corals. Bio-Enhance is a revolutionary product with proven results. This, like all of our products requires no mixing or refrigeration so it is perfect for dosing and to date, there has been no experience of nuisance algae growth from overdosing!”

Following Bio-Enhance they make a product called Bio-Kailum which includes potassium for your red and pink colors, Bio-Metals which is your complex and chelated metals to intensify your green color and Bio-Gen which is iodine, fluoride and briomide to increase and intensity your whites, purples, and blues.

Quantium USA will only be offered at authorized brick and motor stores and online stores tied to a retail store location. Quantum products will not be sold through on-line only businesses. To learn more about Quantum USA visit here.


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