Friday Poll 2/26/2016 – How many Aquariums do You Own?



Back in November of last year we asked our readers, “How Big is Your Aquarium”.  The highest percentage of our readers have aquariums between 76 and 125 gallons, followed by 51 – 75 gallons and then those that range between 221 and 300 gallons.

To follow up the previous poll, AquaNerd would like to know how many aquariums you have at home and/or work.  Do you have 1 tank, a tank and a frag tank or do you have multiple aquariums with some being freshwater and some saltwater.  Take the poll below and please share any comments you would like to make about your aquarium or aquariums.

By the way, if you haven’t seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind then one of the poll options may leave you scratching your head a little.  Happy Friday everyone!

What type of Rock do you Use in Your Aquarium?

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