AquaNerd introduces Eric from Blue Life USA as our newest Sponsor



Please welcome our newest sponsor, Blue Life USA.  Eric Cohen, the owner and President was kind enough to share a little about himself and his company.

Hello fellow hobbyists and enthusiasts.  Let me tell you a little about myself……

I developed a passion for fish keeping back in the 1970’s while working with my father who owned one of the largest Retail Aquarium Stores in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles).  What started out as a hobby of breeding and maintaining aquarium fish, quickly turned into an entrepreneurial venture for this young enthusiast.  After working in the garment industry for 7 years, I set out to get a college education.  Upon graduation, I entered the wholesale Aquarium Industry.  Along with my brother Scott and long time neighbor Brad, we started “Sea Dwelling Creatures”, a business which grew into one of the largest Marine Wholesalers in the World.  In the early 2000’s, we started a new company called “Blue Life USA” for the purpose of manufacturing and distributing aquarium products which were effective and easy to use.  Initially my involvement was focused on production, however more recently I determined that the business had a greater potential but needed more focus and energy on product development and marketing.

About a year ago this led me to leave my duties of managing livestock which I had primarily done for 25 years to concentrate solely on “Blue Life USA”.  I have never looked back. Each day has been exciting and I never know what the next day will bring.  New technology aimed at helping aquarists to maintain healthier aquariums is just part of the new generation of products Blue Life is offering.  With an emphasis on providing good customer service and quality products, Blue Life USA has grown and become more successful.  The feedback that I receive about our products is greatly rewarding.  I enjoy speaking with wholesale customers, store owners, and end-users about their aquariums. Their results from use of our products offer a great testimony to the efforts we have made.

Our recent discovery that a 10 micron filter sock works wonders along with our Phosphate Rx product is just one simple and brilliant new idea which we seek to share with hobbyists who are constantly trying to battle phosphate issues that lead to dreaded algae growth in their aquariums.  Presently, our research and development efforts are directed at developing new medias which will replace and improve upon out-dated products as our knowledge base and new technology expand.

Although I still cling to the time-held belief that regular water changes are an industry “best practice”, there is no question that new products and technology are ever creating simple and effective ways to help maintain the beautiful aquariums that we love.  Making the hobby more enjoyable and successful is my number one goal. Those who know me will attest to the fact that my door is always open and I am very happy to provide assistance to hobbyists at all levels within my ability.  I deeply appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to what the future holds for us all.   🙂  ERIC


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