First Impressions of the 96w UFO Led by ZETLIGHT



Upon unboxing I was quite impressed by the fit and finish of the light. We utilize a lot of other multi-chip LEDs in the store and due to past experiences, I didn’t have soaring expectations for the UFO light but was surprised by a few key features and accessories. The mount and hanging kit that comes with the light is a big selling feature especially at the price point being offered. The mount is fairly easy to set up and is similar to other mounts that are currently on the market, and it holds the light well with little to no sag or wiggle over the aquarium.

If you are using the light without the app, the touch bar works just fine for controlling the intensity of the light emitted. There are five levels of control with the operated by the camouflaged touch bar on the front right of the LED fixture. This model offers sunrise and sunset as well as a unique moonlight setting that blends well with the outermost edge of the fixture that glows blue with a halo effect. The shimmer the light produces over our Marineland 18x18x24 cube aquarium is reminiscent of the metal halides we all grew to love and is a very desirable effect. Color blending on the UFO is very nice and doesn’t produce the “disco effect” that some other LEDs have. This light offers four channels of control with eleven different colors and very impressive par readings in each level of the tank.


The mount puts the light approximately 10” above the tank, so for our experiment we mounted the light 34” off the floor and measured PAR readings every six inches from the center as we traveled downward. At six inches from the center of the light we were getting a par reading of thirty-six, with the same reading at twelve inches down and a par reading of twenty at eighteen inches. The 96w UFO LED could potentially illuminate a 36” cube tank like the one pictured to the left, although the best tank size to reap the full spectrum of benefit of the UFO would be A 24”x24” tank. Within the tank itself we recorded a reading of 260 par at the surface and 65 par at the bottom approximately 37” from the light itself.

ZETLIGHT offers an accessory called the A100 Wi-Fi switch module which allows you to use your Android or IOS device to gain even more control and more customization of the light. The app is very user friendly and allows you to use some of ZETLIGHTs preset settings for convenience or you can customize it like a pro with the four channels of control that the light offers.

After purchasing the demo light, I am planning on offering the UFO in my store as I was very impressed by the fixture. Its sleek design fits right in to any home style or décor, and I would recommend this light to any hobbyist looking for another option outside of the monotony we’ve all become accustomed too.



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