Tour the Bashsea Fabrication Facility



The Bashsea fabrication shop is not your average every day, run of the mill shop by any stretch of imagination.  Likewise, owner and chief fabrication, Steve Bashi is not your ordinary machine shop guy.  Not only does he build some of the most beautiful sumps and reactors, but he also is an avid aquarist and Koi lover.  I’ve had the pleasure and misfortune…accordingly (inside joke for Steve) of getting to know his creative mind behind the beard.  Steve is one of those modern day renaissance men.  Besides designing and building killer aquarium gear, Steve’s a comedic genius and self proclaimed rock drumming master.  As a former acrylic fabricator right away I easily recognized the quality of Steve’s work and as a designer its been very fun working with him on products that we have collaborated on over the past few years.

Ok, enough of my ramblings, it’s time to watch the video.  Make sure you watch all of it.  There are multiple rooms including Steve’s man cave that you don’t want to miss.


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