Cerebra Custom Stand Build Part 2


Below you will find Part 2 of the Vertex Cerebra stand video.  Now that the project has been completed, we will be installing this in our showroom and positioning this next to the main frag tank.  As seen in the video, the controller is tilted at an angle on top of the stand while the multi-bar is housed and protected neatly inside.  Watch the time-lapse video below to see part 2 of the video.  The LED lighting turned out great and we are looking forward to setting this up. Thanks to Kyle at Marvel Signs for designing and building this amazing custom stand for us.  We would like to hear your thoughts on the one-off project.

On a side note, we’ve seen some rumblings online that Vertex might be making some changes to the hardware but we haven’t had an opportunity to confirm that changes are coming and what is in-store for the Cerebra controller platform.

See Part 1  Here – Vertex Cerebra Stand Part 1 


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