Kenya Marine Center releases fish collection video



Occasionally, we receive interesting and news worthy videos and new product announcements from business around the world. One that recently caught our attention was the fish collection process used by the Kenya Marine Center.  In this video, the Kenya Marine Center explains how they catch tropical marine fish and why it is important for hobbyist to know where their fish are coming from and how they are collected.

The Kenya Marine Center is a marine aquarium fish exporter located near Mombasa, Kenya. They are members of the Ornamental Fish International (OFI).  OFI was formed in 1980 by a group of ornamental fish industry people looking to improve standards within the industry and provide a ‘voice’ for the industry. One of the main aims that arose from the formation of OFI meeting was the desire to improve industry standards which still remains a central part of their organization to this day.

Joe Juma, an employee of the Kenya Marine Center, had this to say about his company’s collection process:

“We are confident in the quality we supply because we comply to the most strict handling, shipping & packing procedures. This is coupled with our polished and experienced staff who always ensure high standards of quality are maintained.”

“Kenya Marine Center is widely recognized for its high quality of tropical marine fish and invertebrates. This is because our fish and inverts are hand and net caught by our experienced company fishermen who have worked with us for a long time.”


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