Cermedia Introduces Gems Bio-Media



Cermedia has been receiving many requests for a MarinePure media designed to work in smaller aquariums and they are meeting the challenge with GEMS.

Just yesterday, Cermedia made an announcement to us that they are meeting this demand with MarinePure GEMS. Made with the same formula as their popular 1.5” SPHERES, the GEMs are approximately ¾” in diameter. GEMs will be packaged in attractive hexagonal shaped boxes containing 90 grams of media.

We think the product shape and box shape look pretty cool and will stand out on aquarium store shelves. Each box contains more than 1,450 square feet (135 square meters) of accessible surface area.  MarinePure GEMS are the perfect size for canister filters, hang on the back filters or nano-tank filter systems. This amount of media is good for systems up to 70 gallons in size.  They will be the perfect solution for ammonia and nitrite elimination and most users will also see better control of nitrates with the use of this new media. The MSRP of a single box of GEMS is $13.99 but the street price may be closer to $12.00 per box.

Cermedia tells us that they are eager to get this product to customers, but have not yet optimized production, so there may be limits on the number of cases allowed per order at this point in time. For more information about Cermedia products please visit their website here. Also, Cermedia will be be at Reef-A-Palooza New York this coming weekend. Please be sure to stop by booth 426 to learn more about MarinePure.  If you are looking to pick up some of their products at the show then visit Aquarium Specialty at booths 428 & 529.


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