ABC Testing Reagents Now Available From CoralVue



There is now an alternative and compatible brand of testing reagents for automated testing systems thanks to the guys over at CoralVue. The reagent packs are available in 2 month, 4 month and 6 month supply packs. ABC Reagents are an affordable and reliable solution for analyzing aquarium alkalinity, calcium and magnesium levels which are critical for coral health, coloration and growth. The reagents can be used manually or with “select” automated testing devices such as the Neptune Systems Trident.

ABC Reagents is an affordable and reliable solution for analyzing aquarium water’s alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium levels. These reagents can be used manually or with select automated testing devices. Its worth pointing out that the supply packs do not include the reference solution which is required to properly calibrate automated testing devices but CoralVue is also recommending you use  Fauna Marina 100 ml reference bottles that can be purchased online or at your local LFS (Local Fish Store).

Compatible Reagents for Automated Testing Systems

Reagent solutions for the analysis of alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium levels. It can be used to manually test levels of kH, Ca, and Mg of aquarium water. Available in two, four, and six months supply packs.*

2-Month Supply – $28.99

  • 2 A (Alkalinity) Reagent – 250ml Bottles
  • 1 B (Ca/Mg) Reagent – 250ml Bottle
  • 1 C (Ca/Mg) Reagent – 250ml Bottle


4-Month Supply – $51.99

  • 4 A (Alkalinity) Reagent – 250ml Bottles
  • 2 B (Ca/Mg) Reagent – 250ml Bottles
  • 2 C (Ca/Mg) Reagent – 250ml Bottles


6-Month Supply – $69.99

  • 6 A (Alkalinity) Reagent – 250ml Bottles
  • 3 B (Ca/Mg) Reagent – 250ml Bottle
  • 3 C (Ca/Mg) Reagent – 250ml Bottle


To learn more about the new testing reagents visit or discuss it with your LFS or online retailer.


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