GHL ION Director Beta Testing Update


ION Director beta testing and shipping update

IOND beta testing is going well according to the folks at GHL. The GHL beta testing team test continues to provide valuable data which has further helped them apply the finishing touches to the IOND.

The IOND hardware has proven to be rock-solid, and the software also works reliably according to the the recent news release. GHL has learned that beta testing results have shown that different environmental conditions can affect the IOND readings and it will be necessary further optimize the chemical composition of the sensors which will require another test run with the new sensors.

GHL understands the importance of maintaining top level reliability and accuracy. As a result of the real world findings they have decided to extend the testing phase a little longer to insure a highly accurate and quality product.

Keep reading to learn more about the much anticipated release date from GHL and authorized GHL dealers.

What does extended testing mean?
Since day 1, our primary goal has been to produce only the most reliable products and with the IOND it will be no different.  Extended testing will allow us to better understand the potential variables in aquariums and see how these play a role in the IOND’s performance. If our tests and group feedback gives us an opportunity to improve the already impressive results, we’re definitely going to take the time to make the product even better!

How does this affect shipping?
Due to the current situation, many processes are severely slowed down, for example, sourcing raw materials for testing and production, manufacturing as well as shipping to testers takes longer than usual, which also makes beta testing more ineffective and time-consuming.

From today’s point of view, the essential beta test will last through March 2021. It would be irresponsible to deliver a product that has not been 100% tested and that does not deliver optimal performance in every operating situation. As soon as the beta test is successfully completed, production and delivery will start immediately – we are prepared for it!

Meanwhile also the IOND manual has been published, please download it here.

Here is a current setup from Vinny at GHL USA.The setup includes:

  •   * Profilux 4
  •   * Ion Director
  •   * KH Director
  •   * 2 x GHL Doser 2.1
  •    The system is automatically measures and controls
  •    KH, Cam Mg and it also measures Na, K and NO3.






ION Director Details

Automated Ca, Mg, K, Na and NO3 testing made easy!

When released to the public, the ION Director promises to achieve the next level of water testing automation. Through the use of ion-selective technology, the IOND automatically measures and controls Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and Nitrate levels in saltwater aquariums.

Get a deeper understanding of your aquarium with the IOND. The ION Director can be used alone or together with a KH Director (KHD). Coupled with the KHD for Alkalinity monitoring and control, the IOND and KHD are the perfect tools for controlling your water parameters like never before.

Each parameter can be measured and automatically controlled. If one or more parameters are too low or too high, the IOND can automatically determine how much of an adjustment of attached dosing pumps is needed to maintain stable parameters.


One Multi-Ion sensor and no reagents

GHL’s ongoing research and testing have developed their own multi-ion sensor and reference electrode that eliminates the need for single specific reagents per parameter. Only one multi-ion sensor and reasonably priced reference fluids are required.

To learn more about the ION Director please visit the GHL link.


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