Red Sea Updated ReefBeat Software for ReefWave Gyre Pumps


In case you haven’t heard, the new ReefWave 25 and 45 watt gyre style pumps just started arriving at Red Sea authorized retail & online stores (ours included). To take full advantage of all of the features the pumps offer, you will need install the latest version of the ReefBeat app by downloading it from the Apple or Android app store. By updating or installing the latest version of ReefBeat, you can take full control of your ReefWave 25 watt or 45 watt gyre style wavemaker pumps.

The update has features designed to give you greater flexibility:

Quick action button features:Feed – switches on/off selected wave pumps (with a specified time for each pump).
Maintenance – allows selected pumps to be turned on/off as a group.
Emergency – allows all selected devices to be turned on/off as a group with a single press (including LEDs).
* The quick action buttons are all configurable from the 3-dot menu of the home page.

New Functionality in Device Manager (for both ReefLED and ReefWave):

  • On/Off for all Device types (together or individually).
  • Reboot– Restarts the device – this is equivalent to doing a power reset, but only works if the device is connected to the cloud.
  • Hard-Reset – This is the same as doing the 15-second press on the device, which automatically deletes it from the App. This only works if the device is connected to the cloud.

Red Sea has had reports of the app crashing following the installation upgrade but Red Sea says that can easily be resolved by uninstalling and then re-installing the ReefBeat app. It is not recommend that you install the upgrade in offline mode, as your LED settings may be lost. Make sure you are in online mode when upgrading the app.

We also recommend you install our newly released ReefLED firmware 1.8.1:
This new release resolves the “Boot-Freeze” issue, which required taking out the battery in order to restart it. It supports the new functionalities in the Device Manager and improves the device connectivity. New firmware releases are on their way to further improve performance and Red Sea will send out update reminders as needed.

The ReefWave 25 watt model retails for $269.00 while the 45 watt models sells for $309.00.


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