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Aquarium Specialty Logo

Aquarium Specialty ( is one of my personal favorite online retailers and I’ve had an overwhelmingly positive experience with them on every single order placed. My relationship with them began much like many of you would start a relationship with a retailer…by a single test order. I was looking to purchase a ZEOvit startup kit in order to experiment with the ZEOvit system. I searched around on various websites, but found myself coming back to Aquarium Specialty because of their lower prices and very professional looking website. I was able to gather a few members from my local aquarium club ( sent an email to Scott Groseclose (owner of Aquarium Specialty) telling him what I wanted to do. He responded to my email within minutes and even setup a checkout code for the group buyers to use when they made their orders so that he could lump them together and ship them out to one person, being me of course.

When the order arrived I was amazed at how well the items were packed. Nothing was damaged, despite some of the items being 4-foot long T5HO light bulbs. I immediately sent Scott an email and told him of the successful shipment. But not only was my initial impression a positive one, but every order I have placed with Aquarium Specialty has arrived in perfect condition and in superb time. One order I placed actually got here by the next day, despite me not selecting overnight shipping.

Another huge plus to using Aquarium Specialty is their providing of tracking numbers so you can estimate when your order will arrive. Every order I ever placed would be followed by a tracking number being sent to my email.

Overall, Aquarium Specialty is head-and-shoulders above the rest of the online retailers out there. They have superb customer service and a massive product selection at very competitive prices. I highly recommend using them for whatever you decide to order.

If you do place an order with them, tell Scott that I recommended Aquarium Specialty. I don’t get anything out of it, but I just want to show Scott how great of an impression he left on me.


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