Aquarium to Serve as Backstop for MLB Stadium

Florida Marlins Logo

Florida Marlins Logo

The Florida Marlins are building a new baseball stadium. And in that stadium there’s going to be not one, but two aquariums built into the backstop on both sides home plate. The aquarium to the right of home plate will measure 34 feet x 36 inches high, holding over 600 gallons of seawater. The other aquarium will be 24 feet in length, holding 450 gallons. Both tanks will be made of fiberglass, with huge 1.5 inch thick acrylic viewing panes. To protect the aquariums from foul balls and wild pitches, the designers have added a layer of Lexan (what bulletproof glass is made of) to the front and back of each tank. According to the Marlins Press Release, the tank will house fish, corals, and invertebrates from local waters in an attempt to show off Florida’s wildlife.


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