BlueZooTV Visits the Newport Aquarium


Frank Reece of BlueZooTV is back at it, this time hanging out at the Newport Aquarium. While at this public aquarium in Kentucky, Frank visits Newport’s 5200-gallon “Bizarre and Beautiful Gallery”, which is a 22-foot long tank with 9x turnover. This equates to a filtration system that can move over 45,000 gallons per hour! The tank also contains 32 thousand pounds of live rock and a 6″+ sandbed, which is maintained by various sand sifting gobies and burrowing fish. Currently, the tank is seemingly devoid of aquatic life, other than the handful of fish and clams that currently call it home. However, over a 15-year span, the Newport crew hopes to fill the tank up with aquacultured corals taken from other tanks at the facility or even other aquariums.  The goal is to take as few corals from the wild as possible.


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