Nausiccaá Public Aquarium Photos with Orphek LED Lighting


LED-Lighting-orphek-big-tank--1590x1060Last month we made an announcement about the grand opening of Nausiccaá, the largest public aquarium in Europe, located in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. The new aquarium is home to 22,000+ sea creatures that includes over 2500 species of flora and fauna.

Since August, 2017 Orphek has been posting about their project with French Public Aquarium  NausicaáNausicaá opened on the 19th of May and it is already mesmerizing 1000s of visitors.

Orphek shared some of the beautiful photos they received this week from the staff at Nausiccá and we are sharing them with you. Photo credit goes to Mr. Philippe Turpin who took these wonderful photographs.

Birth and life of the big tank-P-Turpin

This huge tank offers a plunge into the sea around the Island of Malpelo, which is off the coast of Colombia. The biodiversity is amazingly rich from surface to seabed.  Fish take refuge in a true paradise, hidden in corals near the surface or in the caves of the abyss.

The grand spectacle of the largest aquarium in Europe unfolds through a picture window worthy of the largest cinema screens. The viewing window was fabricated in Italy and traveled more than 1242 miles (2,000 km) where it now provides an unobstructed and seamless view into this massive aquarium. Weighing 54 tons, the panel is more than 16 feet high (5+ meters) and over 65 feet long (20 meters).

Through an immense bay, visitors can get close to an undersea world many would never be able to see outside of their living room. Some of the larger species at the aquarium include Manta Rays and Hammerhead Sharks.



Lights above big tank-P-Turpin

Orphek LED Lighting Solutions

A wide range of organisms kept in public aquaria come from different types of habitats and different geographic zones.

Orphek’s lighting solutions help public aquariums create a more natural looking environment for the animals while providing an enjoyable viewing experience for visitors. Understanding each peculiarity of these habitats, Orphek assisted Nausiccaá with choosing the right lightning solutions for each exhibit.

Orphek’s Challenge

The challenge of this project was not only to bring a natural and healthy environment to the inhabitants of the aquarium but also to provide enough light penetration and spread for each of the exhibits.

“Orphek is the only company today that can provide the perfect combination of spectrum and penetration to deep aquariums such as this one! Many units of our Amazonas 500 Watt LED Public Aquarium Lights were displayed in key points to give an harmonious overall look.”

The following photo shows the layout chosen by the engineers. It looks amazing and incredibly neat!

Public-aquarium-LED-Lights above big tank-P-Turpin

In the following pictures Phillipe has explored the grandiose of these amazing animals who are the stars of this venue at feeding time:

Diver- Revo-Ph-Turpin-LED-lightDiver with Revo-Ph-Turpin (2)Diver with Revo-Nausicca

Here you will find more tanks lit by our Orphek LED Aquarium solutions:


Last but not least, the jellyfish! Orphek is known for its jellyfish mode and for developing solutions to enhance their beauty!

Pacific- Sea -LED-light-orphek

We would like this opportunity to thank the Nausicaá team for trusting our expertise and for sending us these amazing pictures. We hope you all enjoyed!!

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If you are currently using an Orphek lighting solution over your aquarium then feel free to reach out to them. Perhaps your aquarium could be featured in an article similar to this.


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