Lionfish…It’s What’s For Dinner


Eat Lionfish Poster
Here’s a funny but true (and therefore also sad) take on the lionfish dilemma currently happening in the Atlantic. In the video below, the tourists of the future are at a beachfront seafood restaurant asking the different types of fish in a few of the menu items. The waiter, annoyed by the uninformed tourists, responds by saying lionfish are the only fish on the menu because that’s all that’s left in the Caribbean. This bleak futuristic view of the Atlantic and Caribbean is probably not that far from what the real future could look like, as lionfish have absolutely invaded the regions. The group behind the video is, who is promoting the destruction of lionfish through consumption. Their website has some recipes to make your lionfish finger lickin’ good, as well as videos demonstrating how to skin these prickly nuisances.

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