The Only Solution to the Lionfish is to Eat ’em


Lionfish Cookbook

The lionfish controversy in the Atlantic continues to grow, gaining more and more attention in the national media. In a recent Reuters story on Yahoo News, marine conservationists in Florida are pushing a new tactic to battle the invading fish, and that is to cook them. A Florida-based conservation organization called REEF has released a Lionfish Cookbook, a topic which we actually discussed some time back in our “Lionfish, It’s What’s for Dinner article. However, at the time we wrote the article, the cookbook wasn’t available.

The cookbook will not only offers delicious recipes for a lionfish dinner, but it also discusses the fish’s background, the havoc it wreaks on its non-native habitat, and how to safely catch and handle the fish. The book will retail for $16.95 and proceeds from the sale of the book will go to REEF’s marine conservation and lionfish research and removal programs.

Lionfish Cookbook


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