AquaNerd Visiting the UK


I’ve recently been given the opportunity to head across the big pond and visit Great Britain for a little R&R, and I couldn’t be more excited. While in London, I’ll be sure to visit as many reef aquarium hot spots as humanly possible, with a guaranteed trip to the London Sea Life Aquarium. The AquaNerd Blog won’t stop updating while I’m gone, in fact, we probably won’t even slow down. I will have plenty of time to update the site on the extremely long flight straight from Houston to London and I’ve got a stockpile of topics to discuss. The trip isn’t for a couple of weeks, but in the meantime I’ll be prepping my aquarium for the time I’ll be gone, and perhaps a few helpful tips will arise from these preparations.

And while I’m discussing the trip, does anyone know of any must see aquarium-related places to visit?


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