Ecoxotic’s Earth Day Coral Adoption


Adopt A Coral

Ecoxotic is teaming up with the Coral Restoration Foundation to adopt corals and promote reef conservation in celebration of Earth Day. A goal of 120 Staghorn coral transplants has been put in place, as Ecoxotic is sponsoring the restoration of Molasses Reef, a site just off Key Largo, Florida. Molasses Reef is a very popular dive site, but like all sites in the Atlantic, Staghorn corals especially have suffered over the years.

How can you get involved? Simply put, “The more Ecoxotic Likes, the more we restore.” Log onto your Facebook account and click “Like” on the Ecoxotic Facebook Page. The more people that like Ecoxotic, the more they corals they will adopt. The Ecoxotic Facebook coral restoration project sponsorship will end on April 30th, so get on over to their FB page and help them restore more corals to the reef. After all is said and done, Ecoxotic promises to update their followers quarterly with photos from the reef along with additional information on how you can help.


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